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Shiv Mehta

Founder of iBuild Websites

My name is Shiv Mehta. I am a sophomore at Ravenwood High School and an amateur web designer. My passion for content creation led me to build high-quality websites, and I truly enjoy the thrill of every site creation process. 

I am a hard-working student and maintain a 4.5 GPA. Additionally, I am moderately proficient in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

With digital technology paving the way for the future, the need to stand out visually is more important than ever before. This situation has inspired me to give back to my community. That's why I'm proud to be empowering the underrepresented and disadvantaged populations by building websites for free.


My Mission

During these unexpected times, I noticed that some impactful small businesses, services, and people were going unnoticed because they lacked the bandwidth and resources to create an online presence. I realized that the best way I could help my community was by starting "iBuild Websites".

Thus, my community service project was born. I build websites for disadvantaged and underrepresented groups or organizations, at 100% free of cost. The commitments and funds that professional web designers or companies require are often exorbitant, yet many still reluctantly use their services due to the rapidly increasing pressure of creating an online presence. Furthermore, those who do not establish this presence through a website are often disconnected from the online world.

iBuild Websites, my community service endeavor, solves both of these issues that routinely affect those without adequate resources. I pledge to build my clients' websites for no cost whatsoever, allowing them to find their place in the digital world and expand their creations to larger audiences on the world wide web.

-Shiv Mehta

Founder of iBuild Websites


I am a certified
Web Developer by the
University of California, Davis




"I am very pleased with my business website created by Shiv Mehta.
He is creative and knowledgeable and his attention to detail is superb. Highly recommended for his professionalism and efficiency."

-Kelley Shannon

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