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About the ENVIT Program

The overall goal of “Enhancing Virology Training (ENVIT) through Summer Research” is to prepare and increase the number of underrepresented minority (URM) students in virology-focused careers through didactic, hands-on, mentored, and career-development training.

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Program at a Glance

1. Provide students with a 10-week virology research training that include didactic lectures in fundamentals of virology and career-development topics for virology-focused research and education career.

2. Promote evidence-based education in virology by training the students on the methods in fundamental virology research and specialized research techniques in a laboratory setting.

3. Engage each student with leading virology researchers (faculty mentor, students, postdoctoral fellows, and staff) to stimulate their interest to consider further education and training in the area of virology.

4. Develop oral and poster presentation skills of students through scientific presentations of their research internally at MMC Virology Summer Symposium and externally at one national conference.

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Program Benefits

1. Fully Paid Summer Research Experience in cutting edge virology-focused research.

2. Obtain didactic and hands-on training in basic, translational, and/or clinical research.

3. Mentored research training in the laboratory of highly accomplished investigators.

4. Participate in weekly research seminar series in virology

5. Participate in small-group learning sessions in virology

6. Improve interview and oral presentation skills

7. Training in Critical and Independent thinking

8. Interact with faculty and students at Meharry and Vanderbilt

9. Present and participate in local and national meetings on virology focused research

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Program Leadership

1. Program Director. Dr. Chandravanu “CV” Dash, PhD.
2. Associate Program Director. Dr. LaMonica Stewart, PhD.
3. Virology Mini-Course Director: Dr. Jui Pandhare, PhD.
4. Virology Research Laboratory Training Director: Dr. Muthukumar Balasubramaniam, PhD.
5. Chair of the Program Advisory Committee (PAC): Dr. Evangeline Motley-Johnson, PhD.

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Program Mentors

Investigator                      Institution                                                                      Research Interests

Chandravanu Dash, PhD


Retroviral Replication, Antiviral Drug Target

Chris Aiken, PhD


Molecular Biology of Retroviruses

Vladimir Berthaud, MD


Clinical Virology, Clinical Immunology

James Crowe, MD


Vaccines, Viral Immunology

Mark Denison, MD


Viral Replication, Antiviral Drug Development

Xinhong Dong, PhD


Virus Assembly, Budding and Release

Iveline Georgiev, PhD


Vaccines and Viral Immunology

David Haas, MD


HIV Pharmacogenomics and Clinical Trials

Spyros Kalams, MD


Vaccines and Viral Immunology

John Karijolich, PhD


Virus Replication

John Koethe, MD


Clinical Virology, Immunology and Clinical Trials

Bindong Liu, PhD


Retroviral Replication

Simon Mallal, MBBS


Clinical Immunology and Clinical Pathology

Kristen M. Ogden, PhD


RNA Virus Replication

Jui Pandhare, PhD


HIV-associated Neuronal Dysfunction

Waldemar Popik, PhD


Molecular Virology

Byeongwoon Song, PhD


Viral Replication and Host Factors

Hua Xie, PhD


Viruses and Oral Biology

About the Program: CV
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